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Midweek Pre-Confirmation Classes

Wednesdays (September - May)

6:00 - 7:15 p.m.


How exciting that you are considering bringing your child to the Midweek Catechism Classes! Children of all grades are welcome. Here they are taught the basics of what we believe and why we believe it, as is laid out in Luther's Small Catechism.


Midweek Pre-Confirmation Classes are traditionally taught as a preparation for Confirmation Class. Children are introduced to Luther's Small Catechism, which teaches the basics of the Christian faith as taught in God's Word, the bible. This class is a supplement to what the parents teach their children at home. All parents are strongly encouraged to use the catechism at home in daily devotions or prayers at bedtime.





To read what Luther's Small Catechism is about, please click here.

To access Luther's Small Catechism online, please click here.

Listen /download audio of the Small Catechism, even to iTunes.

To read about how important Luther's Small Catechism is in our lives, click on A Parents' Guide to Beginning Catechesis and  Movies, the Family and the Catechism





The Classes

We begin with prayer and a light meal (6 - 6:15)  and then break into the following classes:


Grades 1 - 3

Grades 4 - 5

Grade 6

Grades 7 and up Confirmation Class





Grades 1 - 3

My First CatechismTen Commandments1 Creed1Lords Prayer1Sacraments1







This group begins its exploration of Luther's Small Catechism by means of My First Catechism.

This class sings songs, does crafts, listens to bible stories which relate to the catechism's lesson and color and work in age-appropriate workbooks.


They will be introduced to the memorization of parts of the catechism. This is done in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.



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Grades 4 - 5

Catechism Class Yr1Catechism Class Yr2   catechism







This group walks through Luther's Small Catechism in two years:


Year 1: Ten Commandments and The Creed

Year 2: Lord's Prayer, Confession and Absolution, Office of the Keys and the Sacraments


This class follows a set schedule. Each students receives a copy and parents are requested to post it in a visible area in the home for easy reference. This group is strongly encouraged to do memory work, and parents are requested to help their children with memorization. A few minutes a day go a long way to make memory work stick!


The students participate in active discussions in the basics of how the parts of the catechism relate to our everyday lives, to bible stories and to our Sunday Divine Services. They are guided through age-appropriate workbooks.


If you have a question or concern, please feel free to call the teacher - the telephone # is located at the top of the schedule.



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Grade 6

 LSB6th Grade2catechism

This group is more focussed and works through Luther's Small Catechism in one year.


By the time they get to this class, they should have a good idea of what the catechism teaches, having gone through it twice since 1st grade, and will be able to work through this class without too much difficulty. However, children who have not had any prior training in the catechism, are most welcome to join this class.


Students participate actively in the lesson's discussion of how the catechism and the pertaining bible stories relate to our daily lives and to our Sunday Divine Services. "Bible Gymnastics" is a popular activity in this class.


Memorization is expected according to ability. Memory work is practiced a couple minutes in class. The class follows a set schedule which doubles also as a homework schedule. Parents are requested to post this schedule in a visible place in the home for easy reference.


Weekly homework (memorization) is given and is expected to be done by the next lesson. Parents are requested to help their children with this and ensure the work is being done. A few minutes a day go a long way to make the memory work stick! If you have a question or concern, please feel free to call the teacher - the telephone # is located at the top of the schedule.


Although the lesson is pretty structured, the discussions tend to be lively and the students enjoy the fun atmosphere in which it is presented.



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Confirmation Class

Grades 7 and up



This class is taught by the pastor. All students wishing to be confirmed, need to take Pastor's Confirmation Class.


By the time the students enter Pastor's class, they theorectically have worked through Luther's Small Catechism three times since 1st grade. This is a great advantage to them as this helps them participate in rigorous discussion with the pastor about matters of our Christian faith.


They are expected to do memory work and parents are requested to help their children get it done.


If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the pastor at the church office: 452-2121.



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