125th Anniversary 2017

125 Years of Grace at Trinity

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What a milestone! 125 years! 

With so much for which we can give thanks, we plan to celebrate all year long throughout the Anniversary Year.


God, our Father and Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, has kept us faithful to Him over the last 125 years; Through the generations He has:

        + baptized us and made us His children,

        + worked faith in our hearts, 

        + taught us in the Word, 

        + kept us faithful through Word and Sacrament,

        + and taken the faithful sheep to Himself in heaven for a 125 years!


All this in spite of many ups and downs and hard times and our sinful nature. He stayed faithful to us and maintained us - Trinity - His Bride, the Church, here in Great Falls, MT, for 125 years.


That is a lot to be thankful for!


The Kickoff

June 21, 2015

On this day the countdown of 125 weeks to the anniversary in Nov. 2017 has begun!

Everyone enjoyed a piece of cake after the service and received a "Save the Date" magnet.


The Anniversary Year

 - will begin in November 2016 and continue throughout the following year and culminate in the final big celebration on the actual day of the anniversary, November 20, 2017.

Each month will have a theme which will be celebrated during that month. In this way, the Anniversary Year will truly be a whole year of celebration and giving thanks.

Click here to see the schedule of events for the Anniversary Year 2017.

You can also help with one of the months. Click here for a list of ideas of what we could do each month to get your imagination going. If you have ideas for one of the themes, please don't hesitate to contact one of the 125th Anniversary Committee members (see below).


The 125FUNd

 - is a unique way in which individuals or groups can give a gift of $125 ($1 for every year of grace) over a 125-week or a 125-day period to help fund Trinity's 125th Anniversary Fund. The pledge forms will be kept in a special scrapbook and will become an historical document. Each member of the 125FUNd will receive a 125FUNd certificate as well as a 125th Anniversary commemorative mug. Be part of history in the making and join the 125FUNd! 

Click here for more information about the 125FUNd and what you can do.


The 125th Anniversary Committee

Cheri Bauer             (406) 231-3968 

Heidi Paul                (307) 413-9672

Jay Schlecht            (406) 761-4510 

Lauretta Stanfield    (406) 788-2353


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